Is it good to eat organic food during pregnancy?

Diet during pregnancy is extremely important. The health and wellbeing of the prospective mom as well as development and growth of her baby depend on what is on her plate. if you want to be sure your meals are wholesome, nutritious and healthy you should decide on organic food. Pregnancy diet made up of eco-products will also influence positively the developing baby as well as their present and future health. It is up to the mother-to-be what type of food will the baby be provided with and that is why she is responsible for making the right choice.

What is a good diet?

Eating healthy should be one of the main aim for future moms. What is the most essential for pregnant women to realize is how to compose the balanced diet based on ecological products. First of all they must not forget to eat accordingly to what they and their babies need during the time of pregnancy in terms of full nutrition. Women need to intake the proper amounts of high quality protein, carbohydrates mainly from wholegrain products with slight addition of fresh fruit (with concern of what are the acceptable levels of blood sugar for them and whether or not a pregnant woman has gestational diabetes), as well as healthy, mostly plant-based fats. The diet need to be varied and include all the necessary vitamins and microelements, taking into account all the products not recommended for the pregnant women as well as considering individual ‘preferences’ of a future mom’s organism. The best choice off the products that a mother-to-be can choose are those with the ecological or organic labels that are proven to be more healthy and appropriate for purposes of balanced nutrition.

Eco food

What we need to ask ourselves is what are the products considered as ecological or organic. There is a range of what we call eco when it comes to food. It involves the process of obtaining the food, production and distribution. Among the organic product the main branch is fresh fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides herbicides or other repellents on land that is free of these toxins from previous use. it means also the resignation from the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO). The next area are meat, fish and dairy produced without the use of harmful substances and resulting from animals fed with organic plant-based feed without hormones and antibiotics in eco-friendly environment and with regard for proper methods of eco-farming. In order for the food to be ecological it needs to be produced and processed without the use of harmful substances such as preservatives and artificial food colouring, flavour enhancers and other inadvisable for pregnant women chemical ingredients influencing the taste, appearance and prolonging expiry date. Also products highly processed and with the excess of salt, sugar and the use of glucose and fructose syrup are what should be avoided and is not considered organic nor healthy.

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