Which bathroom design should I choose?

When designing a bathroom located in the attic, under a sloping roof, at least 10 – 12 m2 of space should be provided for it, because a part of the surface can not be fully used due to its height.

Bathroom in the attic

The interior of such a bathroom looks interesting, when designing them we leave unprotected roof constructions, which obviously affects the appearance of the whole room. Slanted roof finished with planks, for example pine and white tiles on the wall, create a background on which you can display colorful bathroom ceramics. Excellent visual effects are achieved with the use of color and maritime themes when designing such interiors. Interior decorators suggest that the washbasin, bathtub, toilet seat and bidet should be turquoise and that the white tiles on the wall be decorated with the motifs of algae, fish, seahorses, etc. In addition, the mood can emphasize the exposed shells from the southern seas. Style and color will also be created by very fashionable collections of small items – such as shells, sponges, pebbles, glass objects. The interior design of such a bathroom can resemble any scenery, for example the sea shore, the bottom of the ocean, the deck of the ship, the interior of the cabin on the ship. Interior designers propose a suspension opposite the entrance, a large mirror that will visually deepen the bathroom, and also brighten it, reflecting the light coming through even a small roof window. It is very important when designing the bathroom interior lighting, which is achieved thanks to the window placed in the sloping roof. If the room does not have it, it is worth to install it, because the introduction of a little sun is beneficial not only for health reasons, but also adds more space and lightness to the interior of the bathroom.

And what about tiles?

In the era of so many possibilities and a huge number of different types of products, it is extremely difficult to decide which solution will work best for a given room. So what is the guideline and what to pay special attention to when choosing bathroom tiles?

The main issue when choosing tiles is our personal preferences. If you do not look at it, each room should be arranged according to our taste. Tiles are an element that you look at every day and that does not change often, so it’s worth it to please us. What’s more, the tiles chosen in such a way will provide the residents of a given home with a sense of comfort.

In order to choose the tiles well, you should also familiarize yourself with their types. There are many different types available on the market, so at the outset you should specify which ones we like. This will help to narrow the field, making it easier to make the final choice.

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