3 Myths About In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization has been so far the most popular, universal and successful method of infertility treatment. More and more couples decide to undergo the procedure and it is highly recommended by the specialists all over the world. Although there has been a lot of information on the treatment there still have been misconceptions about it. Here are 3 most common myths regarding IVF.

Myth 1: first attempt guarantees pregnancy vs. it’s impossible to succeed after the first cycle

There is plenty of misunderstanding when it comes to what you can expect from the first procedure. It is usually undertaken after the diagnosis of infertility which means a couple has unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant for over a year and failed to do so. People are often confused and do not really know what happens then. Therefore along with disinformation there go the problems with what to anticipate. The truth is that neither it is guaranteed that the first go will end up a success (because conception is a complex issue) but also it is not doomed to be a failure as some might believe. The experience of clinics, parents as well as various studies prove that it is both possible to have only one cycle of In Vitro Fertilization and it ends in pregnancy and birth of a healthy child. It is possible also that the couple would need to wait more for that to happen – the total ratio of live births increase with every attempt. It is important to have a reasonable amount of hope and distance – oftentimes the psychological distress and thinking too much are what blocks the positive outcome of the procedure.

Myth 2: clinics abroad are worse than Western ones

People from Western countries often have a limited view in terms of treatment in regions other than their own. They sometimes tend to think that Central or Eastern European countries does not offer a good-quality care and high standards of the procedures of assisted reproduction. They could not be more wrong. Nowadays fertility clinics from different places in the world compete with each other over potential patients. Many of them have a special offer that is addressed and adjusted mostly to foreigners. Therefore the best facilities are compelled to put a lot of effort into assuring best new technologies, qualified staff and high success rates in order to exist. In top clinics in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic or Ukraine provide the best care possible, they often exceed European standards and employ most accomplished specialists in the field.

Myth 3: IVF is only for the rich

There is a common belief that even one cycle of IVF is hardly affordable for most of the people. The truth is that ok, IVF is a little expensive but it is cheaper than many other surgeries or medical procedures. And due to growing competition between clinics it can be often discounted. However the most effective way to reduce the costs of the treatment is to decide on going for it abroad. In countries other than your own the prices may be few times lower than the average in your area. As previously mentioned there are amazing clinics offering IVF at a highest standard and best success rates at one third or a quarter of the original costs you would need to bear in your home country even including the expenses of travel and accommodation. It is definitely worth considering.

If you still have any misconceptions about IVF abroad and trying to start a family, you should find out more about that great treatment option. For more information on possible advantages of treatment in Central and Eastern Europe visit http://www.invictaclinics.com/ developed by the top clinic in the field.